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10 Ways To Save On Heating This Winter And Still Stay Warm

If weather forecasts are correct, we’re in for a cold winter this year. According to the Spokesman Review, one local meteorologist says Spokane should prepare for 5 1/2 feet of snow this winter. Yikes! So how can we stay warm and save on heating this winter? R&R Heating & Air Conditioning has put together a helpful infographic and Top 10 list that includes some handy helpful hints on how you can stay warm without adding extra costs to your heating bill.

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10 Ways To Save On Heating This Winter And Still Stay Warm
1. Fireplace Plug:

Up to 20% of your home’s warm air can leak out through the fireplace damper. Inflate a fireplace plug to seal / close up the flue.

2. Reverse Ceiling Fan:

A clockwise spinning ceiling fan will help push heat down into the room rather than trapping the heat by the ceiling.

3. Install Programmable Thermostat:

No need to heat the home when nobody is there. Installing a programmable thermostat helps cut energy usage and cost.

4. Let The Sun In:

When the sun rises open the shades / curtains on windows facing east. In the afternoon, open curtains on windows facing west.

5. Clear Vent Space:

Make sure the vents aren’t blocked. Move furniture and other items away from vents to help open up air flow in the home.

6. Warm Yourself, Not The Home:

Instead of cranking the heat up, try putting on extra layers including warm fuzzy socks or slippers. And snuggle up in a blanket.

7. Seal Cracks & Gaps:

Seal up cracks and gaps using weather stripping and caulking around windows or draftstoppers with doors.

8. Close Off Rooms Not In Use:

Why heat rooms that no one is using? Shut doors to bathrooms and extra rooms that are not in use. Focus heat to areas you need.

9. Leave Oven Open After Use:

After baking some cookies or lasagna, turn the oven off and feel free to leave it open and let the heat escape into the house.

10. Cover Hardwood or Tile Floors:

Wood floors are always so nice but can result in a 10% loss of your home’s heat. Use a plush or area rug to throw down over it.


Hopefully you found this list helpful and can put some of these tips into action. An additional service you can do to help reduce your energy bill costs would be to setup preventive maintenance with R&R Heating & Air Conditioning. We can use thermal scanning to find areas of the house that might be leaking heat, as well as provide maintenance check-ups on your equipment such as the furnace, heat pump, water heater, boiler, and air filters. For more HVAC tips, visit our blog.


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