Warranty Certificate

Proper preventive maintenance is what allows us to offer you this unique warranty. The only requirement to keep this warranty in force for a full 10 years is to have R&R Heating & Air Conditioning perform annual preventive maintenance on your heating and/or cooling equipment. Without annual maintenance by R&R Heating & Air Conditioning, the warranty is only valid for two years.

R&R Heating & Air Conditioning will warranty the following items, when purchased from and installed by us, for a full 10 years against defects in materials or workmanship, from the date equipment is placed into operation:

1. All duct work installed
2. All duct work insulation
3. All sheet metal straps, clamps, fasteners and hangers
4. All condensate drain piping, hangers and fittings
5. All high voltage electrical wiring, conduit, fittings, straps, clamps and terminal connectors
6. All gas pipe, gas pipe fittings and hangers
7. All low voltage electrical wiring, wire nuts and connectors
8. All refrigerant piping is guaranteed to be refrigerant leak free; this warranty does not include the cost to gain access to underground or other inaccessible piping
9. All refrigerant piping insulation and hangers
10. All equipment pads, stands and vibration elimination devices

Repairs, damage, or alteration by anyone other than R&R Heating & Air Conditioning will void this warranty.


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