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Ask The Expert: Odor Coming From Furnace When Turned On

QUESTION: (furnace odor)

“Turned on the furnace to take the chill off.  Barely had it turned on and the entire house got this weird odor.  Checked the basement and everything looked fine, came upstairs. Turned the thermostat back to 68 degrees which the the temp i use during the day.   Still smell the odor as feel it is my nose.  Also my eyes feel like burning.”

– SA Williams


Furnace Odor. This could be from a number of things such as if you just changed your filter some of the dust could have burnt on the heat exchanger or if the furnace has not ran for a few months same thing as dust could be the problem. If you feel that it’s not the smell then maybe have the system checked out by a service tech just in case. Contact us for a service call and we can take care of it for you.

Hope this helps!

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