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Ask The Expert: Fan Is Short Cycling – No Cool Air! Help!

“Our Ruud 2.5 ton heat pump quit cooling this afternoon. The fan on the outdoor unit run but inside the house it sounds like a fan is short cycling . . . on and off. Setting the thermostat to heat does not work either. Recommendations please.”

– Carlene
There could be a few things going on.

Have you changed your furnace filter lately? It sounds like the furnace fan is lacking air or the blower motor maybe dirty and or over heating if it is coming on and off.

Check the furnace filter, turn off all power and pull blower assembly and clean with a shop vac. See if you can turn the fan freely by hand. If not the bearings maybe going out and the motor just needs to be replaced.

If that doesn’t work please contact us for a service call and we will take care of you asap. Thanks for your question and good luck!

 Randy Hastings - Owner 

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