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Ask The Expert: How Do We Install a New Air Conditioner Control Panel?

“Hello, We have a fancy digital control panel for our AC and want to switch to an old fashioned dial control. My husband wired the house so I have faith he can do this but want to make sure there isn’t anything special we need to know about the installation. We haven’t bought the dial yet. Also, we had someone out several years ago because the AC wasn’t working. The gentleman found a bird in one of the air intake tubes??? on top of the house. Since then, my husband has to take the panel off the wall to the thing that has the big filter in it and turn the AC on from there. The control panel on the wall will not turn on the AC by itself. Thank you and have a great day!”

– Tonya
When you buy the thermostat, make sure it’s for heating and cooling.  All the terminals are color-coded, so just make sure you match the color of the wires to the same terminals on the old – then you should be good. Here’s how the colors typically line up:

Green = G (fan)
Yellow = Y (cooling)
White = W (heat relay)
Red = R (power)

If you also have a blue or orange wire, you may have a heat pump. In that case you’d need a specialized heat pump type thermostat, in which case there would be a few additional wires to hook up.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to contact us for a service call and we would be happy to help you out in person. Good luck and thanks for the question!

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