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Ask The Expert: Our AC Unit Froze Up Again!

“My air conditioner unit froze up again. Turned it off last night. Believe most of the water is out. Had one of your techs fix it a year or so ago. What causes this?”

– Al

There are a few things that cause indoor AC coils to ice up:

1. First thing you should do is check the air filter. Low air flow can cause the coil to ice up. We recommend you change your filter monthly especially during the peak heat and cooling seasons.

2. Low refrigerant will also cause ice. This is caused by a leak in the system.

3. Dirty coils that restrict air flow. We recommend cleaning your coils once a year.

Those are the main causes that can cause your indoor coil to ice up but there are a few others. I suggest checking your filter but if your system continues to ice you may need to call for a service call. You should also consider getting an annual maintenance agreement for your unit. There are many benefits including reduced repair costs, priority service, longer lifespan of the system, and peace of mind knowing it will be there for you when you need it most.

Thanks for your question we hope this helps.

 Randy Hastings - Owner 

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