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Ask The Expert: What’s That Funny Smell Coming From The Bedroom?

“Hello, I’m not sure if this is related or not. I just purchased my home about a week ago. I just noticed a weird smell from my daughters room and only her room. Its almost like a weird burning smelling, kinda like when a oven is self cleaning itself. I smelled the floor the walls, I can’t figure it out. I started thinking it was the duck work and dust build up, but it’s only her room. It’s really bad if we keep the door closed. Would it be worth it to get it cleaned? It’s a rancher house about 1000 sq feet. Any input would be great, thanks!!!”

– Stephanie

Thanks for the question, Stephanie. A couple things that it could be. When was the last time you changed the furnace filter? If it is just a 1” it should be changed every 1-2 months… 2” and 4” can go longer. Sometimes when you change the filter you will get a little dust on the heat exchanger or blower motor the first time it fires off. If you have an electric furnace you can get that smell from the electric elements. Since you just bought the home and you may not know the history, it might be worth having a comfort advisor take a look at it and give you some recommendations. There is no charge for this. Or you can also schedule a technician to perform a furnace maintenance or duct cleaning. You can call our office and talk to one of the service coordinators to see what may be the best option. Hope this helps!

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