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Ask The Expert: What’s Wrong With My Furnace and AC?

“Sir, I have a Lennox Pulse Furnace and AC unit is central air. Recently the furnace would only blow hot air. And now the fan on the unit outside is not working. Do you know what may be wrong? Can I just replace the outside unit and not the furnace? How much does that cost? Thank you.”

– Dan

Thank you for inquiry. There could be a number of reasons why your outdoor unit isn’t working, without performing a diagnostic I’m afraid I would only be guessing. As far as the option of replacing the existing air conditioner we can certainly have someone come out (free of charge) and look at your specific situation and give you and exact cost but typically we are able to replace the outdoor unit without the need to remove your existing furnace.

A good ball park figure for replacing an existing AC is around $3000.00 + tax depending on line set, electrical, sheet metal transition and permits. We would be more than happy to get you taken care of! Click here for a free estimate and we’ll work up some exact numbers for you.

Matt Hair - VP of Operations 

Matt Hair
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