Commercial VRF Systems

Commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems:

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are a wise solution for commercial and large residential buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualized control and installation flexibility. VRF is a technology in which one outdoor unit is connected with multiple indoor units, and the flow of refrigerant is automatically moved from one zone to another to efficiently transfer heat away from areas needing cooling and into areas needing heating. The refrigerant is conditioned by the single outdoor condensing unit, and then is dispersed within the building to multiple indoor units such as air handling units (AHU), and fan-coil units (FCUs).

Below are the recommended VRF systems that R&R Heating & Air Conditioning suggests for commercial use.

Carrier - VRF

Carrier - Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Carrier - R&R Heating and Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric - VRF

Mitsubishi Electric - CITY MULTI VRF

Mitsubishi Electric - R&R Heating and Air Conditioning

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