Commercial Controls & Automation:

Why invest in automating your office or building?

  1.  Automating your building’s systems will save you time.
    • A building that starts, stops and adjust to environmental needs automatically will not need the attention of occupants to function smoothly.
  2.  Automating your building will save you money.
    • Energy is wasted through excessive and unnecessary system run times daily. This includes HVAC, exterior lighting and interior lighting. No system saves money like the one that is not running when not necessary.
  3.  Automating your building will reduce system failure down times.
    • Having the ability for your service provider to remotely access and diagnose your system for repairs ensures the proper repair technician shows up to meet repair needs.
  4.  Automating your building will increase comfort.
    • Automation systems are controlled systems. Spaces with multiple occupants may need special control by the building owner to ensure all around comfort.

The R&R Heating & Air Conditioning Environmental Controls & Service Department maintains a complete staff of factory trained engineers and technicians who are fully competent in all aspects of the HVAC & Controls Industry. Engineering, estimating, design, installation, programming and commissioning of control systems are all performed in-house by employees allowing for a complete project – start to finish.

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