Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS):

To help maintain clean fresh air within your office or workspace, it’s crucial to pull outside air using a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). These systems are highly efficient at preventing indoor air pollution by replacing your indoor air with fresh natural outdoor air.  Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems are ideal for schools, hotels, offices and other buildings that require efficient and reliable ventilation.

A DOAS system improves humidity control, reduces energy use, simplifies ventilation design and control, and reduces installation cost.

R&R Heating & Air Conditioning typically uses Aaon, Lifebreath, or RenewAire brand Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems for commercial use. However, we can work with any major brand.

Aaon - R&R Heating and Air Conditioning
Lifebreath - R&R Heating and Air Conditioning
RenewAire - R&R Heating and Air Conditioning

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