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General Information:

Inspected / Cleaned:

Visual InspectionCleaned GlassCleaned Pilot AssemblyCleaned BurnersCleaned Logs & CabinetsChecked Wiring ConnectionCleaned Fan Assembly

Thermopile Only:

Pilot: mvdc (250+)
Burners: mvdc (180-200)

TP(-) to THTP(+) = 9 - 11 ohms(+/-10%)

TP(-) to TH(+) = 1.5 - 1.7 ohms (+/-10%)
(Remove wires but leave the EPU connected)

Thermocouple / Thermopile:

Pilot: mvdc (250+)
Burners: mvdc (145-200)
TH(+) - TP(-) = ohms (1.85 - 2.50)
(Wires Disconnected at gas valve)

Thermocouple: mvdc (6-16mv @ 30 seconds)
(If Accessible)

Gas Pressure:

Input: inches W.C.
Output: inches W.C.

Tested ComponentsFan On

Additional Notes: