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Why Choose R&R For Geothermal Installation?

Why Choose R&R For Geothermal Installation?

The most important day in the life of your heating & cooling equipment is the installation day – and geothermal systems are no different. In order to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and at maximum efficiency, it must be properly installed by certified, experienced HVAC professionals who will not cut corners and who will stand by their work no matter what.

This is not a situation where you want to save a few nickels and go with the cheapest guy in town. Make sure it’s done right the first time and avoid the headaches caused by poor installation.

R&R Heating & Air Conditioning emphasizes quality first. Our geothermal installation team of experts are experienced pros who are committed to every detail and know how to avoid making errors a less experienced crew might make. Our company will stand by our work 100% – when R&R Heating installs your equipment, you know your equipment will be installed correctly, guaranteed.

We’ve been installing geothermal systems in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho since 1990, with over 250 verifiable geothermal systems installed to date (and counting). Our team is loaded with trained, certified professionals who really know what they’re doing and excited to put their expertise to work for you. We’re IGSHPA certified (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association), we stand behind our work 100% and we have a long list of happy geothermal customers who can vouch for us.

We are also the only certified horizontal boring contractor in the Northwest. Unlike other contractors who may have to subcontract out the digging, our in-house horizontal boring allows us to retain control over that very important step in the process and also keep your installation costs down.

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