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4″ Pleated Filter

This is a Purolator PAF Filter. 4″ depth and comes with MERV 11 filtration (except the 4x16x20, comes as MERV 8). Filters not sold separately, but come in a case of 6 quantity.

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • More efficient than fiberglass filters.
  • Traps pollen, dust, pet dander and small particles
  • Design allows increased air flow and dust-holding capacity
  • Lasts up to 90 days

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Purolator’s PAF 11 filters are medium-efficiency, extended surface, pleated air filters. The PAF 11 is specifically manufactured for system applications requiring improved medium-efficiency, non-shedding filtration media.

The PAF 11 outperforms similar products with respect to initial efficiency, and average efficiency providing optimum filter service life. Effective in single filter applications or as improved pre-filter substitutes for disposables, permanent metal filters or media pad/frame filters.

Purolator PAF 11 Features:

Applications – Prefiltration for hospitals, general health care facilities, food processing plants, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor manufacturing, etc.

Media – Synthetic media made up of continuous hydrophobic fibers which do not absorb moisture and can withstand turbulent, high velocity conditions. n Fibers are thermally bonded to eliminate the need for chemical binders that could promote microbial growth or generate VOCs. Improved overall particle size efficiency due to continuous fiber structure and dual-stage electrostatic enhancement which captures an increased amount of smaller particulate than conventional glass media.

Media Support – Continuously bonded to a corrosion resistant, expanded metal grid allowing a 96% open face area.

Pleat Configuration – Formed into aerodynamic, semi-tapered, wedge-shaped pleats expanding its capability to capture contaminants.

Frame – Enclosed in a two-piece, high wet-stength beverage board frame.

Assembly – A fully bonded double-wall frame combines with the integral corner flaps and forms a rugged, durable filter which will not crack, warp or leak under normal operating conditions. To ensure no dirty air bypass, the media pack is securely bonded to the periphery of the frame with solvent-free, water-based glue. In 4″ models, accurate pleat alignment is maintained by die-cut pleat spacers on the upstream side.

Dimensions N/A

4x16x20, 4x16x25, 4x20x20, 4x20x25


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PAF 11 Filter - R&R Heating and Air Conditioning4″ Pleated Filter
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