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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating

By circulating heated or chilled water through a network of pipes installed in floors, walls or ceilings, hydronic radiant floor heating and cooling systems maintain spaces at even, comfortable temperatures using less energy than traditional forced-air systems.

Science shows that heat emission from the human body occurs mainly via three mechanisms: radiation, evaporation and convection. Humans feel most comfortable when they can regulate at least 50% of their heat emission via radiation, and when their feet are warmer than their heads.

Radiant floor heating systems provide heat on the basis of low heating surface temperatures over a large area and an even air temperature distribution with mild, comfortable radiated energy. In contrast to conventional forced-air systems, a radiative equilibrium is generated between people and the surfaces throughout the room, more closely achieving the optimal thermal comfort level for occupants.

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Installation Methods:

Pipes can be installed within a normal concrete slab either on or below grade, usually with no design changes to the slab.

Pipes can be installed above suspended wood floors and encased in a thin slab overpour, usually 1.5 in (38 mm) thick.

Joist Space
Aluminum heat transfer plates are installed directly under the subfloor to conduct heat from the pipes.

Dry Panel
Pipes are snapped into aluminum heat transfer panels placed on top of a suspended wood floor or existing slab.

Radiant Walls and Ceilings
Floors aren’t the only possibilities for radiant heating. With the proper design techniques, you can enjoy a highly effective radiant system when pipes are placed within a stud wall or ceiling.

Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene

Increases Comfort:

Heat is gently radiated throughout the space, virtually eliminating cold spots and temperature fluctuations. A radiant heating system also keeps floors warm and dry.

Offers Flexibility:
Radiant heating can be used in floors, walls and ceilings and can be installed in a single room or throughout your home or building. There are no heaters, radiators or additional vents, so you’ll have more design freedom and open space.

Improves Energy Efficiency: Radiant heating allows a thermostat to be set as much as 4ºF (2ºC) lower than it would be with traditional hot air systems without sacrificing comfort. These lower operating temperatures coupled with the superior heat transfer properties of water can reduce fuel consumption, potentially saving up to 30% per year in heating expenses.

Rehau In Floor Heating

Step onto a floor with REHAU in floor heating and experience comfort at its best. Heat is gently radiated through the space virtually eliminating cold spots and temperature fluctuations. Radiant floor heating is quiet, clean and economical, and works with a variety of heat sources and floor coverings.

The most common applications for radiant systems are: floor warming, floor heating, radiant cooling, snow melting, and frost protection. There are multiple installation methods available depending on the building construction or application.

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