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For complete zoning solutions for nearly any application, the only name you need to know is Honeywell. Updates to the line, like the TrueZONE® Damper, make zoning easier and more efficient than ever. You can count on the most extensive and innovative product line available, including conventional and wireless solutions. All are designed for installation ease, and in many cases pre-packaged kits simplify ordering and make installation even easier. With the innovative TrueZONE Panel and new TrueZONE Dampers, giving your customers the many benefits of zoning has never been simpler.

You’ll appreciate the comfort a Trane zoning system offers the day we install it, and for many years to come. Consistent temperatures and optimal comfort can be a challenge for even the best heating and cooling systems. After all, some rooms receive more sunlight than others. Some are in the shade. Some rooms are closer to the furnace or air handler. And some rooms are rarely used, yet are heated and cooled to the same temperature as other rooms.

A zoning system from Trane can address all of these issues and more. Zoning works by directing more heated or cooled air where it’s needed, and less where it isn’t. This helps reduce the energy spent on areas where conditioned air is not needed, and it can also reduce the overall work your system has to do, prolonging system life. While you enjoy steady comfort from floor to floor and room to room.