Tips To Stay Cool In Your Home During Hot Summer Weather

Tips To Stay Cool In Your Home During Hot Summer Weather

Hot SummerThings are starting to heat up in the Inland Northwest with temperatures already hitting the high 90’s. If you’re looking for ways to stay cool, look no further. We have a quick tips list for you. While having an efficient air conditioning system or heat pump can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, there are other methods you can use to keep cool. Check out the list below for tips on how to stay cool in your home during the hot summer weather.

Quick Tips For Staying Cool This Summer:

1. Air conditioners are designed to lower the temperature of your home’s air by about 20 degrees. So if the air in your home is 95 degrees, for example, your air conditioner can lower your air’s temperature to about 75 degrees.
2. Running a ceiling fan along with your AC can help you conserve electricity and also make your home feel cooler.
3. If you have a basement, use it during the hottest hours of the day when the sun is highest. Basements are usually 10-15 degrees cooler than the upstairs part of the house.
4. While you’re out, keep the house curtains drawn to stop it heating up like a greenhouse.
5. Place a cool washcloth on the back of the neck and a pan of cool water close by to periodically re-cool the towel.
6. Sit with your feet in a pan of cool water.
7. Apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees.
8. Wear lightweight clothing.
9. Take a cool shower, bath, or washcloth wipe-down.
10. Use light-colored bed linens made of lightweight cotton (Egyptian). They are breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow.
11. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid alcohol and caffeine!

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