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Toasters are 100% Energy Efficient Heating Sources…

Toasters are 100% Energy Efficient Heating Sources…But you are not likely to heat your home with one, are you?

We all want a low cost efficient way to heat our home and now with the cold weather, there are ads and articles in the newspapers, on-line and on Radio and Television telling us how to do this, but the reality is, saving money on a heating bill this winter is as individual as you and your home. You need to be careful and read the fine print whenever you are looking for an “efficient” way to heat your home. Often you will see what seem to be news articles in the papers that are simply advertisements selling you “Energy Efficient heaters”. The ads make claims that they can drastically slash your heating bills. They most likely can help reduce your heating bill; however, what they are selling might not be the best option for you and your needs.

When finding the solution right for you, look at the initial out of pocket costs vs the overall savings you will really receive. Sometimes an area heater may not be as efficient as perhaps investing in a Heat Pump in your home system.

If you want true answers to your questions on how your home can be more heat efficient, call an expert to do a Heat Loss Calculation in your home. Educate yourself on what is the best solution for you and what you can afford to invest in this winter.



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